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Róbert Bezák bez servítky o Mariánovi Kuffovi! Toto sa mu na Kuffovi nepáči!

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Robert Bezak without a napkin about Marian Kuff! He doesn’t like this on Kuff!

The Catholic Church is currently quarreling also thanks to the opinions of Žakovský pastor Marián Kuffa, who does not have a napkin in front of his mouth and has no problem in criticizing liberals or gender ideology, which he presents as dangerous. Today, the society is divided into a part where Kuffa is defended and loved and a part where Kuffa is intolerant and would prefer to strip him out of priestly robes. A fool, a hoaxer, a madman, a deranged predator, and other cues are unlikely to stop Kuff from continuing to preach.

The former Archbishop of Trnava Robert Bezák also commented on the topic. Currently Bezák teaches Religion. Peter Hanák and Aktualita prepared a massive interview with Robert Bezák. Bezák also spoke about Marian Kuff.

Robert Bezak without a napkin about Marian Kuff! He doesn’t like this on Kuff!

„What if the priest says in the sermon? Now I openly refer to Marian Kuffa, who spoke of liberal manure and has other similar expressions. His brother and other close people have teamed up with Kotleb and refer to priest Marian Kuffa on Billboards. How do you perceive it?

I was thinking about it because I am also part of a community of people, and Marián Kuffa also belongs there. He’s a priest, he’s also a Catholic church, got a lot of space. Perhaps it would be necessary to look at it so psychologically – both him and the people around him, because he represents a certain group of people.

In the beginning, he was such a guru, with his people around him, whom he helped. I was in Žakovce to see him and I must say that I was pleased with his work. But I also have to say that he is not the only one. There are other priests I know and no one knows about them, because they really do it so that no one knows. Only those who need it. In this, I would already be remorseful of Marian Kuff. He used Žakovce to make Žakovce the whole of Slovakia.

I know those people who are there are simple and need simple speech. I also thought about telling a man who was drunk, you know, you shouldn’t, alcohol is harmful to you, I realize that you have problems then. But when he tells him, you pig one, look what you look like, if you came out of the barn, it’s so understandable.

Unfortunately, he uses this phrasing throughout Slovakia. Bulldozer, manure, mud and we remove it. I hear it badly because I want to be more intellectual in terms of using words. Each of us can speak vulgar, strong, expressive words. When you heat up a couple of times, it looks like you’re a good guy. But the fact is not. To me Marián Kuffa sometimes feels like he was such a guy.

He often talks about how a climber was, how he was scrambling on rocks, that’s a manly phenomenon. He was also karate. When he was angry, he sat on a horse and maybe even had a cowboy hat. Rather, it seems to me that he has put the guy in the forefront of life who can’t beat. Also expressive – that they will give my head. I do not like to hear it, because they are such excesses. Life cannot be set in this way. Bezák commented on Marian Kuffa „A part of the article with the News. The whole article can be found here 

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